The SCYL Liberation OATH: "The Southern Cameroons Must Win this " War!" - Therefore: I will Work, I will Serve, I will Save, I will Sacrifice, I will Endure, I will Fight Cheerfully, And do my utmost, Even Unto Dealth, As if the issue of the whole Struggle depended on Me Alone. So, HELP ME GOD!"
“Either we concentrate our energy for a serious and decisive armed struggle to achieve our objective, or we will each fall one by one to the blows of France’s led brutal imperialism in its new and sinister form of slavery call neo-colonialism against the African, specifically the Blackman. They are at war with us – an open, cowardly and desperate offensive against those who cherish and want freedom. Let us go to war against these men and women who have impoverished our continent, bought and sold our people into slavery, used and dumped our youths, and now still continue to hold us in bondage as if our pains and anguish they have caused are not enough. Let us go to war, not a war of conquest or domination, but one of revolutionary liberation, a war between the forces of tyranny and those of freedom. In this regard, we would be fighting, not only in self defense and the protection of our humanity, but to free ourselves and the countless generation of children yet unborn from the scourge of the freedom of tyranny. Make no mistake for no one would do it for us!”.

The Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL) Chairman
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